Bolivian Ambassador to UN Threatened by US Cop

The New York police officer said, "I am the one in charge here, you do as I say, I am going to lock you up."  Bolivia will file an official complaint.
Bolivia's charge d'affaires in the United States, Freddy Berzati, will file a complaint with the Secretary of State of the United States after a New York police officer threatened Bolivia’s ambassador to the UN, Sacha Llorenti.
A police officer assigned to the security of Bolivian President Evo Morales who is involved at the 69th session of the United Nations in New York, threatened to imprison Bolivia's ambassador.
The police officer reportedly said, “I don't care. We are on American soil. I am the one in charge here, you do as I say. I am going to lock you up.”
The threat came after there was a sudden change of runway of the Bolivian presidential plane, and Llorenti was trying to secure the rapid exit of President Morales.
The police claimed that the luggage of the Bolivian presidential mission required authorization from any authority of the office of that country. 
Prensa Latina reported that the guard put his hands to his belt where he had a nine-millimeter handgun, and handcuffs.
Llorenti was allowed to continue on his way after using his diplomatic immunity.
Republished from teleSUR in English

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